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Translation / Drafting letters / opinions / motions

The Law Firm drafts & translates or only translates specialized texts from the area of:

  • law (such as : pleadings, notices of payment, contract, reviews, etc.),
  • business (business correspondence, commercial documents, contracts, reports, business reports, market analysis, business inquiries and others).

Our offer includes also interpreting:

  • plain interpreting (meetings, visits in offices such as: Registry office etc.),
  • simultaneous interpreting ( translation on a current basis, without previously prepared text. It is considered to be the most difficult type of interpreting. In this case it requires from the interpreteur not only the excellent knowledge of a foreign language and experience in performing oral translations, but also good knowledge of given subject, environment, field of the subject etc.),
  • consecutive interpreting (interpreter records speech and then play in the target language the speaker’s speech. The interpreter conveys what was said only when the speaker has finished speaking. Such translation is divided into short parts, so each part is no longer than 10 minutes). In consecutive interpreting the interpreter focuses mainly on speaker’s message and not on the form of message, though, takes attention to precisely re-create of names, locations, numbers and names, that are part of the speech.

Why to outsource us to the aforementioned acts?

  • The basis of evaluation is 1,800 characters with spaces, not 1,500 as in the case of some translation agencies;
  • We evaluate prices for all translation free of charge;
  • Thanks to long-term experience and comprehensive education we offer the highest quality of performed translations;
  • We offer very attractive prices and professional service;
  • Thanks to the settlement based on the original text you are aware of the total cost of the entire translation at the time of requesting;
  • We issue VAT invoices;
  • We offer discounts for larger orders (over 10 units) and discounts for regular clients.

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